Pattern Play: Stripes.

One of the most versatile patterns in decorating and fashion for that matter is STRIPES.  I have always been drawn to this pattern for its simplicity.  Stripes have a way of blending into your decor using neutral colors or making a bold statement with bright, vibrant colors.

As with fashion, the direction of the stripe can change the entire look of your room.  When painted on the walls, vertical stripes can lead the eye up, creating an illusion of higher ceilings.  Horizontal stripes lead the eye from one side of the room to the next, making the room appear larger than it may be. And stripes on the ceiling is just plain fun!

Stripes are also a fail safe way of adding interest to your accessories   A stripe on your drapery or toss cushions will add a trendy little detail without taking over the entire room (unless you want them too).

And of course, the options for striped cushions are endless!!  These Designer Guild cushions are some of my favorite!

How will you add stripes to your home?