I always find myself drawn to the bright and modern kitchen trend of two-toned cabinets.  In most cases, the upper cabinets are white, and the lower cabinets are a darker colour, usually grey or black.  I love how it gives an all-white kitchen a warmer, more eclectic feel.  It is also a trend you can easily DIY....using just paint.

I LOVE everything about this kitchen!  They grey, the marble and the gold!!

greeyn. From Ikea...surprisingly.

Simple and modern.


Why not go the blue!


The black lower cabinets ground the kitchen, allowing the white uppers to brighten up the space.

Kitchens: Two-Tone Cabinets - The Ugly Duckling House

The island in this kitchen was painted with a darker colour, instead of the lower cabinets, but I think it gives a similar, maybe "safer" look without following the trend.

Classic Touches

I think while I wait for our big kitchen reno, I'm going to test this trend out!  What do you think?