Modern Ceiling Fans

I LOVE summer!  I especially LOVE summer heat....mainly because we only get a few weeks of it this far up north.   This past month has seemed warmer than usual and it looks like we are going into another heat wave starting tomorrow.  Because we do not have air conditioning, we have to combat the heat with fans.  We finally had a ceiling fan installed in our bedroom and it has made a HUGE difference on those hot nights.

I had a really hard time finding a fan that I liked. Ceiling fans are not known for their design qualities.  I did end up finding a plain modern black one which goes nicely with our decor.  Here are a few pictures that inspired my search.

The other issue I had was our low ceiling height (8').  This definitely limited our selection because many of the fans hang too low.  We ended up going with the "hugger" style (number 8 below) that is close to the ceiling.

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