Love your home: 30 tips and tricks

Last week we chatted about resolving to love our homes in 2017.  I suggested 3 BIG tasks to get that started.  How did they go?  Have you started the process of purging your belongings, picking a new paint colour and/or checking Pinterest for design inspiration?

This week I want to touch on a few quick and easy ideas you can do right away to LOVE your home.

1. Add plants (your indoor air will thank you).
2. Open up the blinds every morning...let as much natural light into the house as possible.
3. Tidy each room before you leave it.
4. Accessorize with treasures from your travels.
5. Research Feng Shui for your home.

6. Install dimmer switches everywhere.
7. Update your light fixtures.
8. Replace outdated window coverings with simple roller blinds or roman shades.

9. Organize the shoes at the front them on a shoe rack in the closet or storage bin.
10. Add a runner at the front door big enough for 4 people to stand on at once.
11. Use a diffuser with your favourite essential oils.

12. Clear off your kitchen countertops and dining table.
13. Change out the hardware on your cabinets.
14. Buy new coordinating dish towels.
15. Organize the fridge.
16. Organize the cutlery drawer.
17. Place a center piece on your kitchen table (fruit bowl, flower bouquet)

18. Add a beautiful throw to the side arm or back of your sofa.
19. Add 2-4 throw cushions to your sofa.
20. Add an area rug to your living room.
21. Add drapery side panels on large windows (hang them high).
22. Create a gallery wall with pictures and art.
23. Hang a large piece of art above the sofa.
24. Stack 2 or 3 large hardcover books on top of your coffee table.
25. Setup a reading nook with reading lamp and side table.

26. Buy new towels for the bathroom.
27. Buy nice smelling spa worthy soaps and bath balms.

28. Buy new sheets for your bed.
29. Add lamps to your bedside table.
30. Make your bed every day.

Its amazing how changing a few little things and starting daily routines in your home can make a huge difference.  You are on your way to a happier home!