Outdoor Dining

Its May!! Time to start spending more time in the backyard now that the snow has finally melted.  I have been scouring the stores for weeks to find the perfect outdoor furniture/accessories.  I'm excited to show you everything once we get it all set up. In the meantime, I have gathered up a few combinations for outdoor dining furniture for you to use in your own backyard.

But first, a few tips when shopping for outdoor furniture:

1.  Pay close attention to the details.....some furniture is labelled "outdoor" but is best kept covered or away from inclement weather. Make sure it states specifics like temperature and UV protection.
2.  Make sure you cover your furniture when not in use...this will definitely increase the lifetime of your furniture.
3. Outdoor fabrics have come soooooo far in the past few years.  There are many more colours and fabrics to choose from and the prices are way more affordable than they once were. Get creative!

chair one  | table one | chair two | table two | chair three | table three | chair four | table four