Benefits of Minimalist Decorating

Over the past year or so, I have embraced a more minimalist lifestyle.  And this has definitely made its way into my decorating. Lets be clear here... Minimalism does not have to be an empty room with white walls. Minimalist decorating is the idea of quality over quantity.  Decorating your space with items that have meaning to you, rather than many items that simply fill the space.

A minimalist space does not need to feel cold and sparse...using texture and natural materials can give a minimalist room a cosy comfort.

Benefits of Minimalist Decorating:

Leaving empty spaces on the walls, in the corners of the room and on surfaces around your home naturally brings a sense of calm.  Visual clutter is stressful to the mind and soul.

Mimimalist decorating

Choosing to decorate with fewer furniture pieces and accessories covering every space in the house, makes it so much easier to keep a clean home.  Knick knacks and extra furniture pieces collect dust, which affects our health....and lets be honest, the thought of dusting and vacuuming around a room full of stuff can be overwhelming.

Minimalist decorating

Minimalist spaces often feel larger and more open because the focus is on the important design aspects of the room rather than overwhelming with clutter.  A simple artistic vase on a coffee table vs stacks of books, magazines and trinkets speaks to the design of the overall space.  Less stuff makes a space more inviting.

Joseph Dirand Architecture - Montaigne

Minimalist decorating often enhances the functionality of a space with the added benefit of a calming and decluttered haven.  Have you thought about minimizing your decorating?

Love your home,